Components for furniture
and interior decorations

Robust profile and stylish plastic fittings

About the company in figures.
Comprehensive. Quickly. Qualitatively. Effectively. Profitably.
Own production facilities

Over 20 years on the market

Over 400 loyal customers

200+ items in our price list

More than 50 specially designed exclusive projects

We don't just sell - we offer help and advice

Why work with us?
  • 01
    Quality. As a local Russian manufacturer we are responsible to our customers and guarantee the quality of our products.
  • 02
    Reliability. We control the production and shipment of our products at every stage, ensuring accuracy and consistency in delivery times.
  • 03
    Innovation. We constantly study current trends in the furniture market and offer an adapted product with an optimal price-quality ratio.
  • 04
    Qualified managers. Our managers will help you find the right range and advise you on any questions.
  • 05
    Convenient logistics. Our own logistics operator allows us to ensure fast and reliable delivery anywhere in Russia and abroad.

We strive to incorporate the best ideas and the latest technology into our models.

We want our products to be easy, comfortable and enjoyable to use.

Highly qualified staff are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

You can call us at:
+7 (4842) 500-595
+7 (4842) 500-596

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About production

Over the years we have built up a wealth of experience and have brought together various plastic processing technologies with different types of decorative finishes under one roof, enabling us to create stylish, reliable and functional products at a great price.

Plastics processing technologies:

  • Extrusion is a method of producing polymer items or semi-finished products of unlimited length by squeezing the polymer melt through a forming die of any desired profile.
  • Injection moulding is a technological procedure for processing plastics by injecting molten material under pressure into a mould, followed by cooling.
  • Product decoration:
    • lamination - imitation of mirror or matt metal on the profile, by applying special films
    • hot stamping - imitation of wood, stone or any other texture by means of transfer foil
    • lacquering - application of lacquer on plastic to get a perfect gloss
    • lacquering - any colour can be applied to the laminate
    • vacuum metallisation - silver or gold effect
your reliable partner !

Local production
in Russia

Our office and all production sites are located in Kaluga, Russia.

Flexibility in order fulfilment

We produce the profile to the required length with no extra cost. We will paint the fittings in the required colour.

Different technologies in one production facility

We have combined several technologies for plastics processing at our production site, enabling our customers to turn to us for complex tasks (extrusion, moulding, decoration).

The range

A wide range of decorative and functional profiles for different applications.
Large selection of quality plastic fittings in a variety of designs at attractive prices.

Experience and reputation

We have been in the furniture fitting business since 1996. Profile - since 1999.

Quality Management System

Our production facility is certified to a Quality Management System ISO:9001

Development of exclusive products according to customer specifications

We provide services for the development and series production of items made of different types of plastics according to the customer's specification.


Best price-quality ratio: We give you the opportunity to realise your design ideas at a lower cost.

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